Why should you entrust us with a divorce case in Poland?

Why should you entrust us with a divorce case in Poland?

There is no doubt that divorce has far-reaching consequences. This is especially important if the divorced marriage has children together. In such moments it is worth using the help of a professional. This is important especially when we know that the other party also intends to use such support.

For over eight years, the KJS Legal law firm based in Wroclaw has been dealing with issues of divorce, parental responsibility, maintenance and the division of joint property after divorce.

The scope of our help is the following:

– advice on divorce or legal separation,
– preparing a divorce petition with a guilty verdict,
– preparing a divorce petition without adjudicating on guilt,
– preparing a lawsuit for separation with guilty of guilt,
– preparing a lawsuit for separation without guilty of guilt,
– conducting court proceedings in divorce cases with or without guilty verdict,
– conducting court proceedings in cases of legal separation with or without adjudication on guilt,
– establishing maintenance for underage children and spouse,
– establishing parental responsibility and how to contact children,
– determining how to use the flat after divorce,
– divorce with a Polish citizen or a foreigner.

If you strive for an effective and quick solution to your situation using a trusted lawyer in Poland, please contact us. Our strengths are experience in conducting complex divorce cases, high efficiency and individual approach to the client.

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