When can you request a divorce in Poland?

When can you request a divorce in Poland?

According to the Family and Guardianship Code in Poland, divorce is a complete and lasting breakdown of marriage. What does this mean in practice?

Completeness of breakdown of marriag means the breakup of 3 bonds that should connect the spouses:

1) emotional bond (spending time together, interests, attachment),
2) physical bond (physical closeness),
3) economic bond (joint household management).

Permanence of breakdown of marriag means that there are no views of continuing a marriage – in other words, there in no love between spouses and no there is no hope that the spouses will return to each other.

Our clients often ask a our divorce lawyer a following question: how long does it take to recognize that the breakdown of marriage is permanent? In Poland, the Divorce Courts assumes that there is a complete separation between spouses when such a breakdown of marriage has lasted for at least six months.

The breakdown of three bonds between spouses must be accurately described in the divorce application. If the ex-wife / ex-husband is represented by a lawyer, you may want to consider hiring a professional attorney. A divorce lawyer will help you through the lawsuit in Poland, including advice on parental responsibility, childcare, and make a proposal regarding the distribution of property.

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