What documents do you need to get a quick divorce in Poland?

What documents do you need to get a quick divorce in Poland?

How to prepare for a divorce case? First of al it is worh to make a list of obligatory documents that you need to present in a Divorce Court in Poland. The documents you will need to bring a divorce case in a Poland are the following:

– cerificate of marriage,
– certificate of the birth of minor children,
– documents that can confirm the permanent breakdown of your marriage,
– information on income,
– income certificate for the previous year (in Poland it’s called „PIT”),
– documents confirming the amount of your living costs.

During a divorce trial, the Divorce Court in POland allows a very broad catalog of evidence, including:

– police documents and reports,
– medical examinations,
– testimonies of witnesses, neighbors, family,
– bills,
– account or credit card statements,
– emails, SMSes.

To start a divorce case in Poland you need to pay a Divorce Court fee at the amount of PLN 600. If you consider a help of professional, the divorce lawyer’s fee is always agreed individually with the client.

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