In what currency does the Polish court award alimony in Poland?

In what currency does the Polish court award alimony in Poland?

It may seem that alimony awarded by a Polish court is always in the Polish currency, PLN – zloty. However, this is not a rule. Alimony can be awarded in euros, dollars, and other world currencies.

According to Polish law, the duty of alimony is the obligation to provide means of support, and, as necessary, means of upbringing. The provisions do not specify a particular currency, only means of support.

First, it is necessary to consider whether the parties can agree that child support or spousal support will be paid in a currency other than the Polish zloty. Polish civil law allows parties in Poland to agree on the currency in which the obligation will be fulfilled. Therefore, the parties can, for example, agree that one parent will pay child support in the amount of 600 euros (or dollars or another currency). An agreement to this effect can also be concluded (an agreement that can be approved by the court at the request of the parties).

In the case of a lack of agreement between the parties, a Polish court has the right to specify alimony in a currency other than the Polish zloty in its judgment, unless the other party demonstrates that such a demand for payment in a foreign currency contradicts the nature of the obligation, its socio-economic purpose, the principles of social coexistence, or established customs.

From the experience of our law firm, it appears that if the party obligated to pay alimony lives abroad or receives income exclusively in a foreign currency, then it is reasonable to request that alimony be awarded in that currency.

It is worth knowing, however, that the court is not bound by the positions of the parties. And despite the parents’ application (or the demand of one of them), the court may award alimony in Polish zlotys.

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