Hire a divorce lawyer in Poland

Hire a divorce lawyer in Poland

Our mission is to accompany you in the divorce, separation or child custody proceedings before the family courts in Poland.

If you were married in Poland, still live in Poland or if your children were born and reside in Poland, we can help you. These family matters are governed by Polish law. The law is complex – in order to obtain a favorable solution for yourself, you need to know how and where to act, you need to act within the framework of legal proceedings placed in Poland.

We are Polish lawyers registered at the Professional Polish Bar Association, and we act both in the search for an amicable solution and in court proceedings. We can represent you in all legal proceedings related to family law in Poland, including representation before the family court, tax offices in Poland, and before the land and mortgage register.

Our lawyers will provide you with legal services on Marriage & Divorce and Legal Separation & Children issues in Poland, help you avoid or minimize costs and obtain a quick resolution. We are familiar with cross-border proceedings.

Our expertise includes:
– Advice and assistance in the settlement of Marriage & Divorce and Legal Separation & Children in Poland
– Establishment of marital contacts
– Clarification of the principles of Polish law on the following topics: assets in the legal community, own assets of the spouses and the end of the legal regime in Poland
– Representation in the context of alimony in Poland
– Representation in the amicable division of property of spouses
– Advice and regulation of parental authority, custody of children, visiting and contact rights in Poland
– Assistance in case of donation between spouses and taking of credit in Poland
– Assistance in case of litigation in Poland
– Legal representation in Polish courts in family matters
– Translation of Polish documents.

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