Divorce in Poland 2022

Divorce in Poland 2022

We are a law firm specializing in seperation, divorce, child custody and alimony proceedings in Poland. We conduct cases in all cities in Poland, we divorce in Wroclaw, Warsaw, Gdansk, Kielce, Lublin, among others.

It is not possible to initiate a hearing in court without a court writ. The first element of any proceeding is the drafting of a statement of claim or application initiating court proceedings before a court in Poland.

1) the out-of-court route

If you choose to reach an agreement with your spouse, at a mediation session we agree on all the details of the divorce, based on which a professional divorce lawyer prepares a written settlement agreement and forwards it to the parties.

The court becomes just a final formality. The settlement agreement is presented to the court and the court approves it as a judgment in the divorce case.

2) the court route

If there is no agreement between you and your spouse you get a list of questions from us to verify the documentation and best prepare the evidence in the case.

You need to prepare the petition very carefully so that your position is clear and strong. The court case begins with the filing of the petition with the court. The court delivers the application we wrote to the other spouse and schedules a hearing.

If you do not live in Poland, all the formalities are also possible.

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