Divorce in Poland or separation in Poland?

Divorce in Poland or separation in Poland?

What is a difference between divorce and separation in Poland? The repercussions on both issues are very similar, but they may differ in terms of maintenance and the procedure itself.

In both cases, the spouses are overwhelmed with their marriage obligations. Separation may also be time to think about the final termination of the relationship and possible attempts to repair it.

Differences between separation and divorce are the following:

– separation can be ruled out in cases where the breakdown of the relationship is complete, but it is not permanent – in other words, spouses are not sure if the want to end the relationship so there is a chance to rebuild a connection between spouses,
– separation can be demanded even by a spouse who is solely guilty of the breakdown of the marriage,
– with the consent of both spouses, the separation case is much faster than divorce, and the court determines,
– during the separation, the wife cannot return to her maiden name by submitting a statement to the Registry Office,
– during separatio time, the spouses are obliged to help each other.

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